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Better Living Through ENERGY, Not CHEMISTRY (The Manifesto)

by Lauren Geertsen |

At Floral Song, we do not worship at the altar of reductionistic Western science.

We believe in listening to the flower songs and having a communicative relationship with nature, just as our ancestors did.

We believe that science is just one way of understanding the world, and it should never be worshipped above one’s intuition or common sense.

We do not believe that Western science is the only way to find ultimate truth. We find that concept utterly arrogant and contradictory to ALL indigenous wisdom cultures.

We believe in better living through energy, not better living through chemistry. 

We believe that ENERGY is the most powerful, safe, effective, and underutilized healing modality.

We believe modern health problems are a result of being disconnected from the wisdom of nature, and the wisdom of our bodies.

We believe that there are always safe, effective, and natural alternatives to Pharma products, even though the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex spends billions of dollars on advertising/lobbying/bribery to convince us otherwise.

We do not believe it is “selfish” or “immoral” to avoid an injectable Pharma product. We believe that choosing to maintain health without Pharma products is a valid and admirable choice.

We believe the highest form of health and social responsibility is being aligned to the intuitive wisdom within us. We believe in following that intuitive wisdom, even when social pressure and governmental coercion insists on doing otherwise.

We believe the victims of the pharmaceutical industry who share their personal medical testimony. We believe the doctors who testify to the suppression of safe treatments by the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex.

We believe that the widespread medical censorship by Big Tech is anti-scientific and immoral. We do not believe that tech platforms should determine which scientific perspectives, medical testimony, or peer-reviewed studies are “allowed” for public viewership.

We believe that the allopathic pharmaceutical paradigm is fundamentally flawed and financially biased. It actively suppresses safe, natural, and indigenous healing options.

We believe that it is the height of naiveté and disempowerment to take health advice from the government. It has a history of being very wrong about health science due to widespread financial and political bias.

We believe the entire plant kingdom is here to assist raising the consciousness of humanity above fear, resentment, victimization, and shame and into love, truth, empowerment, and sovereignty.

We believe the way to solve the problem of disconnection from nature is to reconnect with nature.

We believe in the wisdom of YOUR body.

We believe in the power of YOUR mind.

We believe in the courage of YOUR soul.

We believe in healing.


KEEP THE FAITH™ is our newly released flower essence. It shifts emotional patterns related to discouragement due to hard times.

flower essences energy medicine

It’s dedicated to everyone who is committed to intuitive choices and independent thinking, especially in the midst of so much governmental coercion, Pharma propaganda, and societal pressure.

If you are feeling mentally fatigued and discouraged at this point, KEEP THE FAITH is like a shot of mental energy and optimism.

You’ll feel more grounded and heart-centered, no matter the current global situation.

Most people notice shifts with in a few days, and cumulative mental health effects within a few weeks.

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Here’s to staying the course and keeping the faith, my friends!



 Lauren is the founder and plant whisper at Floral Song. As an intuitive and Body Connection Coach, she helps her clients heal their relationship with food and body image. Her health website Empowered Sustenance has reached over 40 million readers. Follow her on Instagram at @Body_Connection_Coach.


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Many people feel positive shifts within a week


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