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Do THIS Instead of Affirmations to Change Subconscious Limiting Beliefs

by Lauren Geertsen |

Have you tried using affirmations?

Perhaps you tried repeating, “I am healed,” "I am wealthy," or “I am confident,” at the guidance of a coach or self-help book.

If you didn’t find success with that approach, you’re not alone. Most people don’t know that affirmations can backfire.

The good news?

There’s a simple change you can make to replace your limiting beliefs with empowering perceptions.

Watch this video to learn more!


Using flower essences for limiting beliefs

By pairing this approach with flower essences, you'll experience even faster transformation. 

Flower essences release trapped emotions and unhealthy energy patterns in the body.

It's similar to how EMDR, hypnotherapy, and tapping help change limiting beliefs.

Using the right flower essence, you'll notice limiting beliefs and unhealthy coping mechanisms fading away!

Change subconscious limiting beliefs with flower essences

Healing the belief "I am not enough"

As I discuss in this video, I formulated the GENTLE GRACE™ Flower Essence to shift emotional patterns related to not feeling enough.

This flower essence helps you nurture healthy behaviors with tenderness and self-compassion. 

Feel more self-acceptance and enoughness within a week.

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Many people feel positive shifts within a week


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