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“Energy Therapy In A Bottle” | Flower Essences 101

by Lauren Geertsen |

Last year, The Cut (a woman’s lifestyle site) published a piece on flower essences called Can Nothing Change Your Life?

The author shared her experience using flower essences for the first time, saying “Don’t you dare confuse them with essential oils. They smell like nothing. They look like nothing.”

Yet her skepticism waned after taking her personalized essences, as she noticed shifts in her mood and behavior. She concluded, “If nothing’s there but something seems to happen, then that, to some, implies that there’s more to us — and to reality — than this.”

At first glance, flower essences might seem like they contain nothing. Scanning the ingredient panel, you’ll see spring water, alcohol as a natural preservative, and these so-called “essences.”

Where’s the active ingredient? You might wonder.

The active ingredient is the energetic imprint of flowers. Flower essences can be thought of as "energy therapy in a bottle."

Hardcore cynics of alternative medicine (you know, the people who think Western medicine is the only way to go, even though it may be the third leading cause of death) have a heyday debunking flower essences as “unscientific quackery.”

There's just one problem… they work. I’ve seen the most non-woo-woo individuals adopt flower essences into their lives — and their businesses — because they work without any side effects or risks.

If you’re curious about how to change your life with energy in a bottle, read on…


When it comes to intuitive plant medicine, which includes flower essences, the medicine tends to choose the patient.

There’s a unique synergy and energetic communication that I’ve experienced between flower essences and those who will benefit most from this holistic therapy.

Here’s are some examples...

  • You might hear a friend mention flower essences and your ears will suddenly perk up — you might even feel a little leap in your heart.
  • You might read about them and feel inexplicably compelled to learn more about them.
  • You might see them in a health food store and feel a strange longing. “If flower essences weren’t so, you know, unscientific, I would try them in a heartbeat,” you might think.

Recently, I was working with Shopify customer service agent for my online store. In our email thread, he wrote, “I just watched your video and am curious about flower essences. Do they really work?”

I recognized that sense of doubt mixed with yearning — I’ve seen it many times when flower essences introduce themselves to someone. Trust that feeling.


Flower essences shift trapped energy and release repressed emotions from the body.

Negative emotions carry vibrations that disrupts the healthy frequency of the human body. Your body, like all physical reality, is 99% empty space, and only feels solid due to the vibration of atoms.

Flower essences work on a vibrational level to release and change these energy patterns.

Modern science studies plants by grinding them up and analyzing the chemical components. In the analogy of renowned biochemist Rupert Sheldrake, this is like smashing a computer and trying to figure out how it works by studying the materials.

Plants work on an energetic level broader than chemical constituents. That synergistic, energetic quality is lost when the plant is ground up and dissected.

Floral Song flower essences capture the energy of a plant by a traditional sun-soaking method: we soak freshly picked blooms in spring water, and which becomes imprinted with the flower’s energetic fingerprint. We use gluten-free alcohol as the only other ingredient, and it acts as a natural preservative.

That energy, rather than a chemical compound, is the active ingredient.


Yes! My friend Jenny McGruther at Nourished Kitchen recently shared how to create your own flower essences.

Making essences with your local flowers is a beautiful way to reconnect to the nature around you. You might feel drawn to specific flowers when you’re talking a walk, and that’s an example of the medicine choosing the patient.

A benefit to purchasing flower essences, however, is addressing targeted issues. As a plant intuitive, I hear and sense the energetic healing properties of flowers. This allows me to create blends that address specific challenges such as anxiety, procrastination, or burnout.


Almost everyone! These remedies help the whole family, and can be given to children older than 1.

When used as directed, they’re safe and supportive for pregnant and nursing moms.


Using Floral Song flower essences, you'll notice unhealthy coping mechanisms and negative mindsets fading away. It feels easier to release stressful, anxious thoughts. The changes are gentle, but monumental.

Most people notice a shift within three days, and more significant changes within three weeks. Because I integrate flower essences in my practice, my clients often see changes in as short as a month that can take years to achieve through mindset work alone.

You may notice some fatigue a few days after taking these flower essences, just like you might feel tired after an acupuncture session due to energy moving in your body.

Personally, I notice that the more I need a flower essence, the more fatigue I’ll feel. When a flower essence is targeting a lifelong unhealthy coping pattern, trauma, or a deeply-ingrained limiting belief, I will feel extremely tired on the second day of use. I allow myself to nap and am gentle with myself, understanding that powerful energy healing is happening.

For this reason, I often start new flower essences on a weekend, or when I know I can take life a bit slower for a couple of days.

Heightened or volatile emotions may also arise, typically within the first few days of starting a new essence. This is temporary — but the only way to process repressed emotions is to allow them to surface. It can feel slightly confusing and uncomfortable if you’ve forgotten that you started a flower essence!

Similarly, repressed memories or intense dreams may also occur within the first week of starting your flower essence.

All of these experiences vary from person-to-person, and tends to vary based on the flower essence used. But understand that these experiences aren’t side effects. Rather, they indicate the processing of repressed or trapped emotional energy.

I recommend noting on your calendar when you’ve started a specific flower essence. You can also journal to note down shifts and change you notice.


A strange but common experience when taking a flower essence is wondering, “Is it working too well? 

I see this frequently with my clients, when I match them up with a flower essence that targets a deeply-held limiting belief.

For example:

When a client felt drained because she made herself available to her clients at all hours of the day, I gave her Fortress. It worked quickly, but left her wondering, Is it okay for me to have such strong boundaries with my clients?

I gave a client Heart Balm to help her work through emotional trauma from past relationships. She started to wonder, Is it okay for me to release these old grudges — will I be able to keep myself safe without that anger?

I was helping another client heal toxic internalized beliefs about her sexuality. I gave Shining Star, and she started wondering, Is it okay for me to feel sexy even if my body isn’t perfect? Am I really allowed to accept my body, exactly as it is?

Flower essences align us to the most loving and powerful expression of our souls -- they cannot create imbalance or swing the pendulum too far in any direction.

If you're wondering if your flower essence is creating too much change or working too well, it means you’re growing in an area where you've feared growth.  And the growth we most fear is usually the growth we most need to up-level our lives. So… congratulations! 


If you are taking individual flower essences like Bach flower remedies, use up to five different essences at a time.

Floral Song flower essences all use a combination of different flowers. Based on my experience with my clients, start using only one of our flower essence blends at a time.

This allows you to notice and integrate the deep emotional shifts. It also prevents you from being overwhelmed as old energy patterns and repressed emotions are processed.

You can add a second Floral Song flower essence two weeks after starting the first one. Use no more than two of our flower essence blends at a time.


Take our fun, quick quiz to determine your optimal flower essence!



 Lauren is the founder and plant whisper at Floral Song. As an intuitive and Body Connection Coach, she helps her clients heal their relationship with food and body image. Her health website Empowered Sustenance has reached over 40 million readers. Follow her on Instagram at @Body_Connection_Coach.


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