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Flower Essences for Subconscious Re-Wiring (Change Limiting Beliefs!)

by Lauren Geertsen |

Do you find yourself repeating unhealthy patterns in your health or relationships?

Do you feel like you've "tried everything" on your healing journey, but you're still stuck?

Do you feel like something is holding you back from reaching the next level of health and financial abundance?

These are all signs that subconscious, fear-based beliefs are blocking your healing.

These limiting beliefs exist as energy patterns in the body.

When you release trapped emotions and energy, you can easily change those limiting beliefs.

This is why therapies like EMDR, hypnotherapy, and tapping are so effective.

It's also why flower essences are so effective in changing subconscious beliefs!

Flower essences shift trapped emotional-energy patterns.

As a result, it becomes easier to release old subconscious stories of trauma, lack, and inadequacy.

With the right Floral Song Flower Essence, it feels easier to release subconscious blocks and make a quantum leap in your healing journey.

Here's a cheat sheet for which flower essence targets the most common subconscious blocks: 

Procrastination - Flaming Desire™ Flower Essence

Financial scarcity - Enchantress™ Flower Essence

Codependency - Fortress™ Flower Essence 

Creative blocks/ignoring the urge to create - Song of Yourself™ Flower Essence

Self-sabotage in health goals - Gentle Grace™ Flower Essence 



 Lauren is the founder and plant whisper at Floral Song. As an intuitive and Body Connection Coach, she helps her clients heal their relationship with food and body image. Her health website Empowered Sustenance has reached over 40 million readers. Follow her on Instagram at @Body_Connection_Coach.


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