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Plants spoke, We listened: The Origins of Intuitive Plant Medicine

by Lauren Geertsen |

Consider some of the modern medicines derived from plant constituents, like aspirin (made from willow bark) and morphine (made from opium poppy). These plants have been used for thousands of years, well before Western medicine.

For example, documentation from ancient Babylon and Egypt mention remedies made with willow bark.

Modern science now confirms the efficacy of ancient plant medicines. How did our ancestors know the healing properties within the plants?

The plants told them.


I’m a plant intuitive, which means I sense and feel the energetic healing properties that plants have to offer.

This typically happens when I’m alone in nature and I feel drawn towards a flowering bush or plant. As I approach it, a silent music fills my body, luscious like dripping honey, or bright like bells.

Sometimes, I see a vision of the healing it offers, or hear clear words. The words are silent but distinct, something I hear from within my body rather than through my ears.

While some people seem more naturally "attuned" and practiced when it comes to hearing flowers, I'm convinced this is an experience available to all humans.

I shared some of the plant communication stories readers sent me here, on my website Empowered Sustenance.

When I first started to hear flowers, I didn’t know that in ancient cultures, shamans and tribal healers spoke of plants singing to them. In fact, this was how they created their plant medicines — they listened to the flower songs.

National Geographic explorer, anthropologist and Harvard-educated Wade Davis discussed this in his TEDTalk, boasting over 4 million views.

One Amazonian culture had over 17 different varieties of their spiritual plant medicine ayahuasca. The sub-species of one plant component is visually indistinguishable, but the natives knew the difference.

How? They said the plants sang in different keys on the night of a full moon.

This was not an experience unique to certain tribes or regions. The more I research this phenomenon, I find that the healers in every culture, from Western Europe to the native Hawaiians, made their plant medicines this way.

For example, my friend Kama is an expert in Hawaiian skincare. She told me:

In my Hawaiian healing training, a student asked our kumu (teacher) and all the kahuna (master healers) in the room, “how did the Hawaiians discover the medicine of the plants? How did they know all this?” The elders and teachers in the room laughed and said matter of factly, “the plants told them, of course.”



I formulate the flower essences at Floral Song by listening to the flower songs.

For example, our Heart Balm blend came about when I was walking past the extravagant magenta leaves of a bougainvillea bush. Intertwined were the bright faces of pink lantana blooms.

Suddenly I heard “Zing go the strings of my heart!” just like the song lyrics. The words were silent and clearly formed, arising within my body yet not coming from my body — this is how it always feels when a plant speaks to me.

I turned towards the bush and nearly swooned as I heard the silent music. It grew like the swell of violins, and my heart felt ready to burst.

As I moved closer, I heard the flowers chime joyfully, “We heal the heart!” Then, I put my hands on the leaves and closed my eyes, hoping to learn more. I saw a caricature of my own heart, with a large, ropey scar across on it.

The scar starts to dissolve and disappear. Instantly, I felt a shot of adrenaline rush through my body.

I thought, “Oh no! Who will I be without my battle scars? That old wound is part of my identity!”

But I trusted the flowers. If they wanted to help heal my heart scar, I would accept their healing.

In addition to the lantana and bougainvillea flowers, I added little teacup blooms from Desert Sage. This flower contributes a soothing, velvety energy. I knew this was a catalyzing remedy, and I wanted this comforting quality to make the healing feel gentler.

If you’re ready to move past deep grief, betrayals, or breakups, Heart Balm is a powerful remedy.

Heart Balm assists:

  • Forgiveness of self and others
  • Heart-felt connection with others
  • Emotional resiliency

It helps to release:

  • Deep-seated emotional anguish
  • Resentment and bitterness
  • Distrust of yourself and/or others in relationships

 You can get Heart Balm here.


I’ll leave you with the words of mystic and poet Mary Oliver, a woman who knew that humans and plants speak the same language.

In her poem, “How I Go Into the Woods,” she wrote:

I can hear the almost unhearable sound of the roses singing.

I’m sure she meant that literally.



Lauren is the founder and plant whisper at Floral Song. As an intuitive and Body Connection Coach, she helps her clients heal their relationship with food and body image. Her health website Empowered Sustenance has reached over 40 million readers. Follow her on Instagram at @Body_Connection_Coach.


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