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Emotional Balance with Flower Essences: Can It Really Be So Simple?

by Lauren Geertsen |

You’ve probably heard a litany of motivational speakers, coaches, and spiritual gurus repeat some version of,

"You have a unique gift the world needs, and your purpose is to discover and share that gift."

The phrase may sound trite, but it holds crucial truth. In my past experience as a nutritional therapist, I realized that food and supplements only got people so far in their healing.

If they remained in a career, relationship, or life that impeded expression of their soul gifts, they struggled with mysterious and inexplicable health symptoms.

In order to deeply heal on a physical, emotional, and mental level, my clients needed to awaken to a sense of spiritual purpose — an internal force that motivated them to redeem their past trauma and help others heal similar wounds.

When I helped my clients step into their innate purpose, they experience a sense of fulfillment and joy. This is another theme universal to spiritual healing traditions: when you share your spiritual gift and it touches someone, you also receive.

So... what if this phenomenon of having a spiritual gift and an instinctual yearning to share it is not a uniquely human experience?

Animal intuitives — individuals who communicate telepathically with animals — tell us that animals also have gifts they want to share. Sometimes it’s the gift of their love or companionship that they want to offer to a human. Sometimes animals want to share wisdom about how humans can live in better harmony with our environment.

(If that intrigues you, I encourage you to check out the work of animal communicator Anna Breytenbach.)

As a plant intuitive, I’m here to tell you that plants also have that quality: Plants have spiritual gifts, and an intrinsic desire to share those gifts.

This may sound crazy to our Western ears, but in ancient cultures across the globe, the shamans and the tribal healers made their plant medicines because the flowers would sing to them the healing they wanted to offer humanity.

This is how I make the flower essences at Floral Song: I listen to the flowers.

Sometimes, I receive intuitive imagery about their emotional healing properties. Other times it’s clear but non-verbal language from the flowers, expressing their healing gifts. It feels like the words from the plants enter my body silently, and then I “hear” the words from within my body.

When I shared this with my community at Empowered Sustenance, many readers told me their experiences with plant communication.

I don’t have a purely scientific explanation for plant communication, because modern scientific measuring devices are not as attuned or sensitive to subtle realms of energy as the human body.

This is why energy medicine techniques and intuitive plant medicines were in use as early as 5,000 years ago, well before “scientific” pharmaceutical medicine was popularized in the early 1900’s.

My belief, shared by other individuals who communicate with plants and/or animals, is that all aspects of earth communicate on an energetic level. We can tap into that energetic communication, which transcends language, and even species, differences.


My friend and intuitive mentor recently told me a story about plant communication that illustrates how plants want to share their gifts.

For a period of time, my friend kept seeing a certain tree appear in her daily meditations. As she meditated, in her minds eye, she saw this tree moving towards her.

A few days later, she unexpectedly received flower essence made from the blooms of this tree, sent to her by a friend who was a flower essence practitioner. The practitioner explained, “This isn’t an essence that I usually make or sell, but I felt so compelled to share this with you.”

Astonished and grateful, my friend visited the nearby botanical garden where she knew she could find this species of tree. Wanting to express her gratitude, she walked up to the tree. In that moment, a flashback overwhelmed her. Suddenly, she was experiencing the memory of her mother giving birth to her.

She felt wracked with her mother’s fear, excitement, and pain. But even in the confusion, she realized that her body has been carrying her mom’s traumatic birth emotions.

As she stood in front of the tree, she heard the tree speak to her and say, “Leave this here with me, I can handle this for you.”


The plant kingdom holds wisdom beyond the human intellect for emotional and spiritual support. 

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 Lauren is the founder and plant whisper at Floral Song. As an intuitive and Body Connection Coach, she helps her clients heal their relationship with food and body image. Her health website Empowered Sustenance has reached over 40 million readers. Follow her on Instagram at @Body_Connection_Coach.


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