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Clarity™ | Energy Overwhelm
Clarity™ | Energy Overwhelm

Clarity™ | Energy Overwhelm


An aromatic flower essence spray for energy clearing.

The Problem: Empathic or highly sensitive, you take on other people’s energy and feel depleted.

The Solution: Clarity clears other people’s energies from your auric field. Ideal for practitioners to use between clients.

Keep on hand in busy environments to ground yourself. This spray balances all the chakras.

Feel calmer and energetically clearer immediately after use.


  • Energetic boundaries
  • Refreshed focus
  • Intuitive and psychic clarity

Helps to release

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Scattered thoughts
  • Feeling energetically frayed


Shake bottle and spray 3 - 5 times, misting yourself. Exhale deeply.

With each use, we recommend verbally or mentally stating the affirmation on the included card.

Ideal for clearing energy in energy work sessions, for both practitioners and clients


Hawaiian spring water, ginger, grapefruit, lavender, cinnamon, organic grapefruit seed extract (natural preservative), blend of Hawaiian flower essences.


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Often ingested, flower essences also work topically in a spray


Infused with aromatic herbs and botanicals for a very light, clean fragrance


Ideal for health practitioners, highly sensitive people, and empaths

Clarity is your reset button.

Formulated to balance all the chakras, you'll feel calm and grounded after every use.

If you're highly sensitive or an empath, use Clarity to clear your energetic body from disruptive frequencies.

Clarity™ | Energy Overwhelm

Clarity™ | Energy Overwhelm


Flower Essence Spray FAQs

  • What are flower essences?

    Flower essences are energetic herbal infusions that open your mindset and shift emotions. They spark creativity, joy, and intuition.

    Flower essences are made by transferring the vibrational properties of flowers into water. Like homeopathy, the active ingredient is subtle energy, not chemical compounds extracted from plants.

  • How do flower essences work?

    Flower essences are energy medicine and work on a vibrational level.

    They impact your mind and body because atoms are 99% empty space and function vibrationally. It's the different vibrations of atoms which makes your body feel solid.

    Negative emotions carry vibrations that disrupts the healthy vibration of the human body.

    Just like an acupuncture needle, flower essences can shift emotions in our bodies.

  • Do flower essences have a fragrance?

    Unlike essential oils, which are made from plant extracts, flower essences carry the vibration of the plant. They have no fragrance or flavor.

    In our flower essence sprays, we infuse additional botanicals for a very light fragrance. It doesn't linger on you or your clothes.

    The aromatherapy makes your body more receptive to the flower essences.

  • Can I use this spray with other flower essences?

    Yes! We recommend taking no more than two of our Flower Essence Infusions at a time.

    However, our flower essence sprays can be used additionally or alone. They make your body more receptive to other flower essences you're taking.


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Many people feel positive shifts within a week


Conscious packaging to reduce environmental impact