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Our flower essences support mental and emotional health by shifting stuck energy in your body. It's kind of like acupuncture in a bottle!

Here are 7 reasons to experience flower essences yourself.

1. Change Subconscious Beliefs

Do you struggle with self-sabotage, poverty consciousness, or obsessive thinking? These limiting beliefs exists as energy patterns in the body. 

When you release trapped emotions and energy, you can easily change those limiting beliefs. This is why therapies like EMDR and tapping are so effective.

Flower essences release trapped emotional-energy patterns, helping you realign to your body’s intuitive wisdom. As a result, you can easily change your unhealthy beliefs and habits.  

2. No Side Effects or Addiction

Many people feel reliant on pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, or marijuana to "take the edge off." Unfortunately, these options tend to promote numbing-out instead of tuning-in. This prolongs the environment creating one’s unhappiness in the first place. 

Flower essences are a gentle, all-natural, energy-based therapy. There's no risk of side effects, imbalances, or addiction.

You might notice brief fatigue or temporary heightened emotions as old energy patterns are released. It’s just like feeling tired after acupuncture, or crying during an energywork session. 

3. Fast Results

With the right flower essence, positive thoughts and behaviors that seemed impossible before will become within reach. Most people notice a shift within a week, and cumulative changes in a month. 

The results are subtle, but profound. First, you’ll notice spacious awareness around your automatic thoughts and habits. Then, you’ll notice those negative mindsets and unhealthy coping mechanisms fading away.

Most people need only one bottle of a Floral Song flower essence to see the desired change. Then, they move on to another Floral Song essence to target a different area of self-growth.

4. Sustainable and Wildcrafted

Flower essences are not essential oils — they are floral tinctures. They are similar to homeopathy, carrying the energetic imprint of certain flowers. 

Flower essences start with a handful of freshly-picked blooms, spring water, sunshine, and organic alcohol. That’s it! They don’t require a lot of plant material, so they are highly sustainable.

In crafting our Floral Song formulas, we handpick only what Mother Nature provides without disrupting the ecosystem.

5. Family Friendly

When used as directed, Floral Song flower essences are safe and effective for kids over 1. Keep the bottles out of reach of children. To give flower essences to kids, you can drop it directly on their tongue or add it to cool or room temperature  beverages.

Flower essences contain only a tiny amount of organic alcohol per serving. They are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers when used as directed.

The energetic benefits will be transferred to the baby, too!

6. Increase Client Success

If you’re a mental health practitioner or wellness coach, you know that client compliance is key to client happiness. If they don’t follow through with lifestyle or diet changes, neither the client nor you feels successful.

Floral Song flower essences are used by practitioners around the world to catalyze faster transformation for their clients. Your clients will see changes within weeks that could otherwise take years.

As a practitioner, you can select the best essence for your clients with energy testing or based on their emotional struggles. Our essences integrate particularly well with modalities like acupuncture, EFT, talk therapy, nutritional therapy, and hypnotherapy. 

7. The Wisdom of Nature

Modern culture teaches people to hide our True Selves and divorce our bodies. This means we disconnect from the healing wisdom within us! 

No wonder so many people face mental health issues like lack of focus, procrastination, mental fatigue, anxiety, and depression. The root problem is being out of spiritual alignment.

At Floral Song, we believe that healing occurs on an individual and global level when we align to the wisdom of nature within us. Our formulas help you reconnect to your body's intuitive wisdom.

It's never been easier to support your mental and emotional health!

Our flower essences make transformation so easy it feels like magic.

Four drops, four times a day for gentle but monumental change.


"I'm amazed by it!"

I’m amazed by Pure Bliss. I don’t know how to explain it but I feel different. I catch myself at different times thinking about the moment I am in and I feel very present. I also notice it's easier to make decisions. - Sara E.

"Can it really be this simple?"

I’ve always been interested in herbalism and gardening but this was my first venture into floral essence. The difference in my wellbeing is palpable since starting these magic drops. I’m present and focused again. Can it really be this simple? - Anonymous fan

"Essential for every human being."

Boundaries in a bottle is what this beautiful essence should be called! Fortress is - in my humble opinion - an essential for every human being. I told Lauren that it should come with a warning label because it is so effective! - Kristen W.

"It works subtly but powerfully."

I wasn't sure what to expect when using the flower essences, but I can truly say they have made a huge differences in my overall wellbeing! They work so subtly but powerfully I am amazed. I suffer from at times severe depression and this has been such a powerful healing modality for me. - Anonymous fan

"I embraced who I really am."

I felt a huge shift with this one. Suddenly I felt like I was an amazing person, but I realized it was the truth. I embraced being human and just decided to embrace being who I really am. Instead of just reassuring myself I also finally believed it. I highly recommend this one. - Leah




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Many people feel positive shifts within a week


Free from side effects, allergens, addictive properties, and chemicals