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The greatest illness of the 21st century is a mindset that creates stress and anxiety.

1 in 4 American women take antidepressants. Many people feel reliant on anti-anxiety drugs, alcohol, or marijuana to “take the edge off.”

Floral Song flower essences balance emotional energy in your body. They help you shift subconscious beliefs and negative mindsets.

It's never been easier to support your mental and emotional wellbeing!


Flower essences are floral infusions, free of allergens and without side effects. They shift emotional energy in the body, similar to how an acupuncture needle works.

Negative emotions carry vibrations that disrupts the healthy frequency of the human body. Your body, like all physical reality, is 99% empty space, and only feels solid due to the vibration of atoms.

Flower essences work on a vibrational level to release and change these energy patterns.


Ancient cultures facilitated mindset shifts through plant medicines. They knew our perceptions hold us back from healing and wholeness.

How did they make their remedies? They said the plants sang to them the healing they offered humanity! Now, modern research confirms many of the plant remedies created this way.

Lauren, a plant intuitive and founder of Floral Song, follows this lineage to formulate flower essences.


Modern science studies plants by grinding them up and analyzing the chemical components. This is like smashing a computer and trying to figure out how it works by studying the materials.

Plants work on an energetic level broader than chemical constituents. Floral Song flower essences capture the energy of a plant.

That energy, rather than a chemical compound, is the active ingredient.


Using our flower essences, you'll notice unhealthy coping mechanisms and negative mindsets fading away.

Healthy behaviors and new mindsets which once felt impossible become within your reach.

The changes are gentle, but monumental. Most people notice a shift within three days, and more significant changes within three weeks.

It's never been easier to support your mental and emotional health!

Our flower essences make transformation so easy it feels like magic.


"Can it really be this simple?"

I’ve always been interested in herbalism and gardening but this was my first venture into floral essence. The difference in my wellbeing is palpable since starting these magic drops. I’m present and focused again. Can it really be this simple? - Anonymous fan

"I'm amazed by it!"

I’m amazed by Pure Bliss. I don’t know how to explain it but I feel different. I catch myself at different times thinking about the moment I am in and I feel very present. I also notice it's easier to make decisions. - Sara E.

"Essential for every human being."

Boundaries in a bottle is what this beautiful essence should be called! Fortress is - in my humble opinion - an essential for every human being. I told Lauren that it should come with a warning label because it is so effective! - Kristen W.

"It works subtly but powerfully."

I wasn't sure what to expect when using the flower essences, but I can truly say they have made a huge differences in my overall wellbeing! They work so subtly but powerfully I am amazed. I suffer from at times severe depression and this has been such a powerful healing modality for me. - Anonymous fan

"I felt a huge shift."

I felt a huge shift with this Freedom™. Suddenly I felt like I was an amazing person, but I realized it was the truth. I embraced being human and just decided to embrace being who I really am. Instead of just reassuring myself I also finally believed it. I highly recommend this one. - Leah



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Many people feel positive shifts within a week


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