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About The Brand

Floral Song flower essences are truly handmade magic. Every of step of our process is artisanal and handcrafted.

First, we handpick our flowers, taking only what mother nature provides without disrupting the ecosystem. This is what the term wildcrafted means.

We imprint the energetic properties of the fresh blooms into water, through a traditional sun-soaking method.

We use natural spring water that we bottle ourselves from Sedona, Arizona, an oasis known for the healing energy of the land.

Our water quality is critical. The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto shows us that the location and purity of water influences its crystalline structure. His research also shows that water has a form of memory, because prayer, intention, and words also alter its crystalline structure.

We infuse our essences with love as we mix, bottle, label, and ship them by hand. Our process honors kotodama, the Japanese concept that words emit healing properties.




Modern culture teaches people to hide our True Selves and divorce our bodies. No wonder so many people face mental health issues like lack of focus, procrastination, mental fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

Many people feel reliant on pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, or marijuana to "take the edge off." Unfortunately, these substances tend to promote numbing-out, rather than tuning in.

 Floral Song flower essences are an all-natural way to support mental and emotional health, by creating energetic balance in your body.

At Floral Song, we believe that healing occurs on an individual and global level when we align to the wisdom of nature within us. 

Our formulas shift limiting beliefs and negative emotions, so you can realign to your body's intuitive, healing wisdom.

The changes are gentle but monumental!



 I'm Lauren Geertsen, the founder of Floral Song.

I realized my soul connection to flower essences when I picked up my first Bach flower essence off the store shelf almost 10 years ago. As I held the bottle, my heart leapt up dancing.

 Bach’s essences helped me heal my debilitating autoimmune disease by shifting the emotional and mental patterns that made me sick.

Shortly after healing my body, a series of unexpected spiritual awakenings shattered my reality.  I realized that reality was much, much larger than what was empirically measurable

My perceptions opened, I began to energetically hear and sense the healing properties of flowers. As astonishing as it sounds, the flowers were telling me the healing properties they could offer humanity.

Later, I learned that this is how the healers in every ancient culture created their plant medicines... they listened to the flower songs. Scientific data is now confirming the efficacy of indigenous plant medicines created this way. 

I am delighted to support your healing journey through Floral Song! 

And please, stay in touch. I read all the feedback you send, via email and on Instagram. 

In health,




 We have a passion for sharing the gifts of healers and plant intuitives across the globe.

We work with this growing list of collaborators and are excited to share exclusive product collaborations in the future:

SHANON MASON lives in Kauaii where she makes herbal, energetically potent products from the lush Hawaiian jungles. Shanon makes our Clarity Flower Essence Spray.



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Many people feel positive shifts within a week


Conscious packaging to reduce environmental impact