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Choosing A Floral Song Flower Essence


How To Choose A Floral Song Flower Essence


Pick all the statements that resonate with you, then narrow your selection down to the top one or two.

What causes you the most pain or problems right now?

1. I need to say “no” more often.

2. I don’t feel sexy or magnetic.

3. I worry about everything, even things that aren't my responsibility and I have no control over.

4. I’m trapped by fear-based and scarcity mindsets.

5. I don’t express what I need and want.

6. I don’t feel a purpose or direction in my life. 

7. I'm struggling to release resentments or grief.

8. Anxiety. A lot of anxiety.

9. I bully and berate myself for not being enough or doing better.


Match the number of each statement to the correlating flower essence:

1. Fortress™ | Set Boundaries, buy here

2. Shining Star™ | Be Magnetic, buy here

3. Soul Play™ | Boundless Joy, buy here

5. Freedom™ | New Mindsets, buy here

4. Song of Yourself™ | Express Yourself, buy here

6. Compass™ | Intuition, buy here 

7. Heart Balm™ | Release Past Hurts, buy here

8. Pure Bliss™ | Trust The Moment, buy here

9. Gentle Grace™ | Self-Compassion, buy here

Why choose only one or two flower essences? You'll integrate the most positive change using one essence at a time.

Our essences are energetically potent and create positive shifts, and too much change at once can feel overwhelming.

After using one flower essence consistently for 3 weeks (one bottle last about a month), you can start taking a second flower essence. 


Consider using our Clarity Energy Clearing spray. It increases your body's receptivity to flower essence therapy, and may be used addition to any number of other essences.

You’ll love Clarity if any of the following statements fit you:

1. I’m an empath or highly sensitive person

2. I feel easily depleted by busy, intense environments

3. I’m a practitioner and I feel like I take on my client’s energies

Dynamic Duo Suggestions

Alternatively, use the pairing suggestions below to determine two flower essences to take (start with one, then begin the second essence after three weeks):

  • “I’m turning my magnetism all the way up!”
    Shining Star + Soul Play

  • "I am pleased to announce I’m doing whatever I want with my life and no one can stop me."
    Compass + Freedom

  • "Watch out world, I’m unleashing my creativity!"
    Song of Yourself + Compass

  • "I'd like a raise."
    Shining Star + Song of Yourself

  • “I'm co-dependent no more!”
    Fortress + Song of Yourself

  • "I am delighted to report that the problem in question is not mine to worry about."
    Soul Play + Clarity

  • "I'm healing my heartbreak and welcoming love into my life again."
    Heart Balm + Pure Bliss

  • "I am enough."
    Gentle Grace + Pure Bliss


 Ready for transformation so easy it feels like magic?

Shop Floral Song Flower Essences here.


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