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What to Expect From Flower Essence Therapy

Floral Song flower essences create change that is gentle, but monumental.

Positive thoughts and behaviors that seemed impossible before suddenly feel within your reach. 

Flower essences work cumulatively, but you may notice a shift as early as three days. Some highly sensitive individuals notice change within a day.

Consistency is key. Use four drops, four times per day until the bottle is empty — about 1 month. Typically, one bottle is all you need of that particular essence.

Here’s what to expect when taking Floral Song essences.




Flower essence therapy can act like a flashlight, shining light on thought or behavior patterns that once controlled you. You start to notice triggers, instead of responding automatically to them.

For example, when taking Shining Start, you may first become aware of opportunities for sensual enjoyment and relaxation. Then, you’ll begin acting on those opportunities.



Flower essences facilitate powerful changes at a vibrational and subconscious level.

You may notice fatigue, typically within the first few days of taking a flower essence, as your body integrates energetic shifts.

Your Floral Song purchase is an investment into your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. If you feel fatigue when using your flower essence, enhance your investment by prioritizing naps or an earlier bedtime for a few days.




Within the first few days of taking a flower essence, you might experience tears close to the surface, or emotional hypersensitivity.

Flower essences encourage the processing of trapped and repressed emotions. Allow the tears to pass through.




Flower essence therapy may spark memories related to the targeted change.

For example, if you’re taking Soul Play, you may suddenly remember an incident where you were shamed as a child for having fun. Or, if you’re taking Fortress, you may suddenly recognize a familial pattern that made you afraid of saying “no.”

By surfacing unconscious memories, flower essences support us in breaking toxic patterns instead of repeating them.

We’ve never seen flower essences surface traumatic memories or flashbacks in a jarring or destabilizing way. If you ever experience traumatic memories, see a mental health professional.




A couple weeks after taking Fortress, Lauren’s friend called her and said,

“Is it working too well? The way I’m setting boundaries feel almost brazen to me. And I just quoted my highest rate ever to a new client without batting an eye!”

If you’re asking the question, “Is my flower essence working too well?” you’re likely taking exactly the right remedy for you. It’s helping you grow in an area where you’ve most feared growth.

Flower essences align us to the most loving and powerful expression of our souls. They won’t swing the pendulum too far in the any direction.

The flower essences are not working too well, but exactly as they should. They’re helping you override programming that has limited your happiness and soul potential.



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Many people feel positive shifts within a week


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