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Enchantress™ | Financial Scarcity
Enchantress™ | Financial Scarcity
Enchantress™ | Financial Scarcity

Enchantress™ | Financial Scarcity



You hustle and grind, but feel like you’re always falling behind. A subconscious scarcity mindset sabotages the abundance and ease you long for.



Enchantress™ shifts energy patterns related to sabotaging ease abundance.

Trust and attract, instead of hustle and grind. Loosen deep-seated fears and emotional tightness around materialistic security.

Confident that what is meant for you will come your way, it surely does. Step into calm self-assurance.

Feel more connected to an abundant flow within a week. 



  • Calm, inspired choices around finances
  • Experiencing abundance in the present moment
  • A relaxed, confident presence that attracts respect

Helps to release:

  • Frantic desperation
  • Fear-based choices that keep you stuck
  • Scarcity mindset that perpetuates struggle




    Take four drops, four times per day. You may wish to add your daily dose to a water bottle, or any other cold or room temperature beverage.

    With each use, we recommend verbally or mentally stating the affirmation on the included card.

    One bottle contains enough flower essence to last about a month, if used as directed.

    Keep out of reach of children. Flower essences can be given to children over 1, in a beverage.


    Spring water, 20% organic gluten-free alcohol, flower essences of Calliandra "Fairy Duster" and Iceberg Rose


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    Flower essences are ingested and have no fragrance.


    Flower essences work gradually, over a few weeks, but you may notice emotional shifts within 1 to 3 days.


    One bottle contains enough for about a month of use, typically all you need to reap full benefits.

    What are flower essences?

    Flower essences, a form of homeopathy, naturally calm your mind and body.

    Through their vibrational properties, flower essences help you overcome negative thought and emotional patterns. You'll feel more focused, creative, and peaceful.

    Enchantress™ | Financial Scarcity

    Enchantress™ | Financial Scarcity


    Flower Essence FAQs

    • What are flower essences?

      Flower essences are a form of homeopathy that support emotional balance.

      Flower essences are made by transferring the vibrational properties of flowers into water. The active ingredient is subtle energy, not chemical compounds extracted from plants.

      Flower essences shift trapped emotions in the body, so you feel calmer and happier effortlessly.

    • When will I see results?

      Flower essences work gently and gradually. Depending on your sensitivity and the issue you’re addressing, you may notice a shift within a day.

      Most people feel shifts within three days, and see significant change within 3 weeks. 

      Taken for a few weeks or longer, flower essences help shift lifelong negative thought and behavior patterns.

    • What if I'm allergic to a flower?

      All plant material is removed in the making of the flower essences, leaving behind only the energetic properties. As a result, you can use a flower essence even if you are allergic to that flower.

      As extreme precaution, however, do not use an essence if you have an anaphylactic allergy to a flower it contains.

    • How many flower essences can I take at a time?

      Use up to two  of our flower essence blends at a time. This allows you to notice and integrate the deep emotional shifts.

      For best results, use each blend for 1 month, or until the bottle runs out (one bottle provides about one month of recommended use).

    • Are flower essences safe for children and pregnancy?

      Yes! Flower essences are supportive for children over 1, and beneficial for expectant mothers.

      If giving a flower essence to a child, put four drops in their beverage four times per day, or 16 drops in a water bottle they sip throughout the day.

      Keep bottles out of reach of children.


    On U.S. orders over $50


    Many people feel positive shifts within a week


    Free from side effects, allergens, addictive properties, and chemicals